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Hello, my name is Anita, the creative soul behind Mosquita.

Once upon a time I made jewellery (my favourite being sparkly Swarovski pieces) and also sold/taught scrapbooking and card making. One day I stumbled upon a little pop up shop that sold handmade fairy abodes and cute little minis. I was hooked! From there I searched high and low and found suppliers, plus made my own special pieces. From my humble beginnings of a trestle table at a market, I have blossomed into the magical fairy shop many have seen and loved . Here you will find all things magical, plenty of handmade and loads of heart.

My little shop is my happy place, where creativity abounds, smiles are free and dreams come true.

Thank you to every person who has ever walked this journey with me...from friends and family to my customers young and old.

My dream is to keep imagination, faith and joy alive...

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